Cognian and Microsoft Azure Sphere

Transform buildings into smart spaces with Syncromesh®

Cognian and Microsoft Azure

Cognian’s Syncromesh wireless canopy technology integrates globally with Microsoft Azure Sphere to deliver secure IoT solutions for smart buildings.

Microsoft Azure Sphere protects customer data, privacy, physical safety, and infrastructure, providing a turnkey security solution for IoT devices across hardware, software, and cloud. With Syncromesh embedded in Sphere, the end result is a single view of a smart building’s network and the data generated by interconnected devices, offering better visibility, greater operational efficiency and stronger security.


Transform buildings into smart spaces

Create smart buildings with Syncromesh®

Partner Resources

Luminaire Manufacturers

Learn how to embed Syncromesh hardware into existing luminaires.

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Control Managers

Embed Synchromesh software into controls, to create new wireless products.

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System Integrators

Learn how to use new faster tools to configure wireless systems.

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API Developers

Get access to software APIs to control and monitor devices over Syncromesh.

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