For Building Owners

Cost-effectively transform your buildings into intelligent spaces. Provide access to data and higher quality services to your tenants.

Transform your building with Syncromesh

Cognian assists commercial building owners by enable the latest smart building technology to be installed in all your buildings, increasing your asset’s appeal and potential rental returns.

With its patented Syncromesh technology, Cognian has created the only scalable and open wireless platform designed for the built environment.

Syncromesh has unlocked the smart building retrofits market while also remaining a highly attractive option for new builds. The Syncromesh platform lowers installation costs and provide wireless tracking, people counting and mobile device control for new and existing buildings.

Smart buildings are designed to benefit building owners and tenants. Smart buildings reduce the energy consumption of a building while increasing the comfort and well being of occupants. As a result, intelligent buildings can attract higher-paying tenants while having lower outgoing costs.

As technology keeps getting better, smart buildings keep getting smarter, which is creating an ever-increasing gap in quality between newer and older buildings.

The smart building technology running older buildings won’t have the efficiency or capability of a more modern building. Upgrading older buildings to new smart building technology is generally expensive, due to the difficulty in changing existing cable runs.

“Cognian’s vision is to make every building a smart building. Syncromesh is Cognian’s patented wireless technology and it enables the upgrade of older buildings to the latest intelligent building technology for a lower cost and without rewiring. Only Syncromesh wireless technology can scale to the needs of large commercial buildings.”
Mark Blum
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Benefits to owners

Better reporting and data analytics
Lower the cost of tenant churn
Faster to install than wired systems
Upgrade older buildings with the latest smart technology
Attract higher-paying tenants
Offer asset tracking and location services to tenants, with the Syncromesh canopy
Support for the facility manager

Create Intelligent Buildings

Syncromesh wireless enables new smart building reporting and functionality in new and existing buildings.

Syncromesh wireless begins at connecting light fittings, switches, and sensors wirelessly to a building control system. Syncromesh technology expands to become a wireless mesh canopy that can track assets, Bluetooth beacons, and users with Smartphone apps within the building. This reporting data is then available to the building management system.

Reduce cost and emissions

As a building owner, you need to ensure tenants are happy and able to use their space with minimal disruption.

Not only does retrofitting the Syncromesh wireless canopy avoid expensive construction costs, but Syncromesh is faster to install than other systems. Only Syncromesh enables a space to upgrade to a smart building space overnight.

Learn how to embed Syncromesh hardware into existing luminaires.

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Owners, Managers and Tenants Resources

Building Owners

Learn how to embed Syncromesh hardware into existing luminaires.

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Embed Synchromesh software into controls, to create new wireless products.

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Facility Managers

Get access to software API’s to control and monitor devices over Syncromesh.

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Connect your building with Syncromesh