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The smart building security imperative

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Health, wellness and sustainability at the core of the built environment

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Open Standards

Open standards, flexibility and data

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Digital Twins

Unpacking the smart buildings digital twin opportunity

The future of smart buildings – today.

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Microsoft and Syncromesh – in conjunction with industry leaders like Mirvac – are working to make tomorrow’s smart building ambitions a reality today across all manner of industries. From security and scalability, to measurement, hygiene and open standards, buildings are becoming living, adaptable structures that are human-centric.

World class and market leading smart building connectivity to optimise tenancy experiences, lower environmental impacts, increase efficiency and boost economic outcomes for owners, managers and occupants.

Enhance tenancy safety and wellness

Reduce your carbon footprint

Deliver a premium tenant experience

Achieve greater efficiency and productivity

Activate new economic opportunities

Why Syncromesh?

Future-proofing old and new buildings with open, secure and seamless connections.



Founded on openness and deep partnering to deliver measurable outcomes. Enables limitless addition of smart experiences across movement, safety, lighting, comfort, security, productivity and more.

New and existing systems can be connected straight into Syncromesh without complex integration.



High security innately present in the platform. Self healing, interference free and strongly secured mesh network.

Highly resistant to expanding attacks in connected networks.

Fully compliant to international standards with secured patents.



Highly scalable for smart buildings, allowing the systems within an entire building to be instrumented, connected and become intelligent within a single connectivity solution. 

Exceeds scalability limits of all current wired and wireless alternatives.



Easy to install, commission, configure and maintain across new structures, heritage buildings and everything in-between.

With no cabling there are no costly wired installation or rip-out processes. 

User friendly interfaces reduce setup times. 

Partnerships. Enablement. Connectivity. Experiences

How Syncromesh can transform your building and workplace

Cognian, with our Syncromesh Smart Canopy platform, was founded on a philosophy of deep partnering; openness in our technology and our smart building solutions; and transparency in how we operate. These partnerships are critical to removing the traditional systems and infrastructure siloes within buildings today.  We are as strong as our partnerships and the open, secure, scalable and simple experiences this enables.

For Owners

Smart Buildings reduce the energy consumption of a building while increasing the comfort and well being of occupants. As a result, intelligent buildings attract higher-paying tenants while having lower outgoing costs.

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For Tenants

Syncromesh enables the upgrade of older buildings to the latest intelligent building technology for a lower cost. This enables entirely new experiences for your employees and visitors. Whether it is allowing people to work in the safest and most productive environment or ensuring visitors have a seamless and secure stay, only Syncromesh wireless technology can deliver in an open, simple, scalable and secure way.

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Facility Managers

Consultants and Engineers

Customer Stories


Syncromesh deployed in the Mirvac office, South Eveleigh Sydney.

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The Barhead corporate office, Pitt Street Sydney.

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Syncromesh deployments across multiple live sites.

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