The Syncromesh Partner Ecosystem

Cognian partners to make tomorrow’s smart buildings a reality.

The global Syncromesh ecosystem is based on open standards and collaboration across a range of industries to bring the benefits of smart buildings to life. Ranging from cost control and emissions reduction, to health and wellness, comfort, space utilisation, security and more, Syncromesh integrates with Cognian partners to make tomorrow’s smart buildings a reality, today.


Property Companies

Knowledge Partners

Global Distributers

System Integrators

Management Systems


Partner Resources

Luminaire Manufacturers

Learn how to embed Syncromesh hardware into existing luminaires.

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Control Managers

Embed Synchromesh software into controls, to create new wireless products.

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System Integrators

Learn how to use new faster tools to configure wireless systems.

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API Developers

Get access to software APIs to control and monitor devices over Syncromesh.

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