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Cognian Technologies is a fast-growing Australian technology company whose mission it is to make buildings smart and smart buildings smarter.

Building Intelligence

Cognian Technologies is a fast-growing Australian technology company 
whose mission it is to make every building a smart building. Its flagship product Syncromesh is a wireless canopy that enables building owners to quickly and simply add a range of building management solutions that improve the comfort of  occupantslowers a building’s carbon footprint and reduced energy costs – regardless of the building’s size, location or age  while creating a more productive environment for tenants. 

What we do

Cognian’s patented technology Syncromesh is a wireless IoT data connectivity platformSyncromesh creates a smart wireless canopy which makes it cost-effective to retrofit existing buildings.  

The lighting ‘footprint’ in a building creates a smart canopy with licenced software inside each light, creating evenly placed points of connectivity throughout each floor.  

Our powerful smart canopy enables building owners to quickly and simply add a range of building management solutions that improve the comfort of occupants, lower a building’s carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. These include: location-based services data for better decision making about people flow and room usage and asset tracking; CO2 and temperature sensors; heat mapping; and data analytics. 

How Cognian is different

Most smart building solutions are wired, making them inflexible and costly to implement. The number of points of lights in any building is always going to have the greatest coverage and they almost never move.   

We’ve put simple Bluetooth beacons in every light, which means huge density. Traditional wireless networks suffer black spots and interference issues in-building. 

Our platform is open, so you are not locking yourself into a single light, HVAC or sensor vendor.  

Around 25 per cent of electrical and construction work is in new buildings and over 30 per cent is in the retrofit. Syncromesh addresses both markets and makes retrofitting buildings viable. 

Who do we do it for?

Our customers are the owners of commercial buildings that want to reduce running costs, increase space utilisation and meet building sustainability goals through energy and greenhouse gas reductions. Building occupants also increasingly look to improve the space experience (circadian rhythm lighting, individual control of services, HVAC management, air quality (CO2 and VOC) for greater staff productivity and retention. 


These building owners are looking for a solution to meet building occupancy standards such as NCC, BEEC, Greenstar and NABERS ratings and BCA compliance, but also ensure that the environments in the buildings are comfortable and promote wellness for tenants, employees, patients or students.   


Syncromesh is ideal for building owners and developers, government (hospitals, schools), private family offices, datacentre owners and existing buildings deemed too expensive to make smart. Today only new and premium buildings are smart … that is, unless they have Syncromesh.

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