Data sheets and technical resources for your building.

Owners & Tenants

Transform any existing building and provide data integration across our Platform.

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Designed for multi-storey commercial buildings Scalable to thousands of wireless points.

A reliable and secure wireless technology platform.

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Syncromesh creates a smart wireless canopy which makes it cost-effective to retrofit existing buildings.

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Our platform is open, so you are not locking yourself into a single light, HVAC or sensor vendor.

Synchromesh integrates seamlessly with third-party systems.

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Partner Resources

Luminaire Manufacturers

Learn how to embed Syncromesh hardware into existing luminaires.

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Control Managers

Embed Synchromesh software into controls, to create new wireless products.

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System Integrators

Learn how to use new faster tools to configure wireless systems.

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API Developers

Get access to software APIs to control and monitor devices over Syncromesh.

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Connect your building with Syncromesh


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